Since 1999 BIAC Technicians and Engineers have planned, moved and installed over 2 Million miles of fiber cable and countless switches.  A single server relocation a full Rack or a complete Data Centre migration we are equipped with the best tools to get the job done safely, on time and within budget.

Our industry best practices approach ensures that all migration and relocation both physical and logical are met, to ensure a successful move 100% of the time.

Cost effective, swift and secure relocation of your server equipment to meet your relocation project and budget
requirements. Securely relocated from Rack to Rack by our Data Centre engineers.


Complete an accurate inventory of all assets involved in the migration.


Our start to finish written plan a moron could follow to execute all tasks to completion, including equipment shutdown order, cabling, run list, labeling physical and logical documentation with verification and all dependencies.


Ensuring all ID requirements are confirmed to avoid potential delays.


Obstructions, stairs, low ceilings or narrow corridors are mitigated with the correct handling equipment.


Specific safety details, PPE, Safety Glasses and shoes, Hardhat OSHA requirements for removal/delivery to the Data Centre to ensure a smooth process.


Engineers arrive prior to the agreed move time ready for the equipment removal and transportation.


Secure handover to site delivery team or equipment/rack or re-racked and configured in accordance with the approved detailed design plan project requirements.