BIAC’s Asset Management Services enables data centre owners to make intelligent and strategic decisions to effectively manage the lifecycle of their assets. BIAC’s qualified staff can design or install new equipment or remove old equipment, or full cabinets to reclaim space and power.

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Audits are required for many reasons including financial reporting, growth planning, data centre upgrades, software license management or just understanding your current active or inactive infrastructure. BIAC provides ubiquitous physical or logical audit services. Whether it be for the data centre, central office, cabling, outside plant, or other assets. BIAC has been providing professional audits since 1999. In addition, BIAC has a Data Centre Infrastructure and Asset Management tool that reduces the time technicians need to complete the audit while providing extensive reports in multiple formats. Trust your Auditing needs to BIAC.

Network Planning

Fibre Network Planning

The BIAC engineering team can analyze your current network topology and geographical coverage to establish a plan to best meet the bandwidth needs of current and future customers.

Network Route Analysis

Route Analysis

Given two or more nodes BIAC will establish various route options for connecting the nodes.  For each proposed route the engineering team will address surface and soil conditions, potential interactions with utilities, estimated capital cost, estimated fibre loss budget, approximate metres of build and municipal and regional issues.

Fibre Route Design

Fibre Route Design

Once the route is established BIAC will do a survey and a design for the placement of the fibre cable in the right-of-way.  The design will meet all of the specification of the client, municipality/region and observe required offsets from other utilities.

Approved Stamp

Municipal Approvals & Inspection

BIAC will circulate the proposed design to the utilities and work directly with the municipal and regional officials to obtain consent.

Construction Administration & Inspection

Construction Administration & Inspection

Our professional team can provide supervision and inspection for construction work in the right-of-way as well as splicing work including OTDR testing.


We help business owners and operators of server rooms, data centres, and clouds optimize, protect, and future-proof their digital assets.


We work closely with customers to assess current infrastructure, plan for the future, and innovate to achieve business goals.


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