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BIAC Asset Management™ is a highly-configurable platform, enabling fast and accurate capture of any Data Centre assets.


Our platform is intelligently engineered to ensure data is captured and maintained quickly and accurately, serving as a central data management solution across Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM), Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) and Configuration Management DataBase (CMDB) environments.

BIAC Asset Management™ is:

  • Completely adaptable to your asset needs

  • Built for best user experience

  • Mobile optimized with an intuitive app for live reporting

  • Wherever and whenever you need it – install onto multiple devices

  • A truly cost-effective solution – register unlimited assets

Hosted in our public or private cloud, or installed on site, the BIAC Asset Management platform has the flexibility for all your business requirements. Developed with complete data accuracy and ease of use in mind, the platform enables fast, meticulous intelligence collection with simplified change management to ensure and maintain reliability.

BIAC is dedicated to providing better software to our clients to help businesses thrive. No matter the asset, we believe our smart and innovative asset management solutions can revolutionize the way businesses are run saving you time, energy and ultimately costs.

Through smarter ways of working, we empower businesses with the visibility and insight they need to make more intelligent strategic decisions and more effectively manage the lifecycle of their assets.

Every day our software solutions, hardware, professional services and expertise enable our customers to make important strategic decisions based on accurate, trusted asset data.

Contact us toll-free, at  (866) 941-5119 x 9 or submit an inquiry through our contact form.


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