Focused Management Dashboards with Actionable Analytics

BIAC and SEAD provide management teams with actionable analytics

  • Value is added within two weeks of implementation with continuous improvement
  • Provides the information needed to manage growth and business transformations
  • Unifies world class analytics and business intelligence
  • Data driven, No to Low-Code SaaS Portal capable of integrating existing data platforms

Pre-SEAD Integration

In-House IT Team

Multiple Software Installations

Full IT Support Infrastructure

Multiple Logins

High Cost

Inefficient Workflow

Reactive Decision Making

SEAD Software

Post-SEAD Integration

One Proven Team

Support for All Software

BI Infrastructure Included

Single Sign-On

Low Cost

Efficient Workflow

Proactive Decision Making

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    Where Cutting-Edge Code Meets State-of-the-Art Technology Stack

    1. Low-Code, No-Code Platform

    Providing rapid technology development

    2. ETL Automation

    Robust API, ERD, creator with cleaning, storing, and visualizing capability

    3. Hedge Fund Level Functionality

    Automation, Algorithmic Forecasting & Security

     SEAD Constructor

    Creates Customizable, Web-Enabled Back-End & Front-End Functionality

     SEAD Portal

    Used to Manage, Monitor, Restrict & Enable Functionality

     SEAD Database

    Used for FTP Replacement, Data Archiving & Data Security

    Enhanced Dashboard Prototyping for Agile Visualization Environments

    Enables Application Actionability & Visualization Customizations

    Provides Data Warehousing, Data Aggregation & Data Management

    Used for ETL, Processing, Data Scraping & Scheduling Automation

    gitlab Security powered by aws